Thursday, August 06, 2009


Your stay-cation just got hotter! Orgasmic Sand is the newest, all-natural alternative to expensive hedonist resorts! Try our tantalizing product risk-free and have a bucket shipped to your home (free shipping when you sign up for our Automatic Shipment Plan). If it didn't work, could we afford to offer such a deal? What happens with the OS should be happening to you!

Call 1-800-HOT-SAND for reservation information and rates!


Jan said...

Too funny. How do you come up with this stuff? :)

S said...

Pretty much the same way I came up with the Tequila Paper! lol

dwhite said...


Tristen R. said...

Ok! First and foremost, that Tequila Paper sounds pretty hot! On that note, under no circumstances should anyone light a match near it!

Second, like the medicines that don't get full approval from the FDA, I see this in Orgasmic Sands two-year prediction:

"Attention: if you or a loved one has used Orgasmic Sand products, you may be entitled to compensation. OS has been linked to sand crabs,unsanitary living conditions, and other 'related' infections. Again if you or someone you know has been 'compromised' by OS, ACT NOW! Call immediately!


Anonymous said...

How come I am just now learning of this? I've been going to the beach for years with no orgasmic experience!

S said...

Tristen: I will have to tell you about the Tequila Paper Incident in person. I might run for senate one day. I can't have that written online by me!

Anon: Speaking of senators, didn't you see the news about the FL senator(R)that resigned last week for no reason? This is why he REALLY did it: he put pork in the stimulus bill to fund research for OS and now that it's working he's off to run the company and make millions! LOL!