Saturday, January 21, 2006

Angry Cats Protest Year of Dog!

An extremely large group of outraged cats in China have massed inside Tianamen Square to protest the upcoming Chinese New Year! Although most celebrations have never encountered any trouble from the local feline population, the Year of the Dog is marked with kitty chaos. Two protesters, a Persian White and a Tabby, expressed their rage over the approaching year:

"狗是坏!" the Persian told the Underground Reporter. "我们恨他们! 他们不需要是庆祝!"

Officials responsible for the annual celebration of the Chinese New Year pointed out that there is the Year of the Tiger, but this did not appease the angry cats.

"我恨所有狗!" said the Tabby. "所有狗必须死!"

Leader Meow Ze Dong was not available for comment.

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