Friday, January 13, 2006

Pat Robertson: Mover, Shaker...Antichrist?

With his torrent of verbal faux pas, scholars and average people around the globe are now asking the question that the Underground Reporter asked eight days ago: Is Pat Robertson the Antichrist?

"It makes sense," a scholar said. "He knows so much about Hell that he must be from there."

Upon learning that the connection between Pat Robertson and the Antichrist was being made, a statement was issued from Hell to dispel the allegations:

"Hell, no, he's not the Antichrist! The Antichrist is intelligent and well-spoken. We are deeply disturbed and offended by these claims. Please do your homework before making such wild accusations in the future."

The Antichrist has requested a public apology in lieu of filing defamation of character suits.


adam said...

Way too many people laugh at Robertson for him to be the antichrist. The true antichrist will be embraced by most of us. Even you

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to say but, holy shit!

Jayson said...

I do get the imagery. It looks like those books about the Apocylapse(sic).

Brett said...

Thats awesome!!! Love the picture!!!